Breakthrough in Cardiovascular disease

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Huge breakthrough in Cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis is early form of scurvy proven!

Scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute in California have published a groundbreaking study in the American Journal of Cardiovascular Disease proving that heart disease is an early form of the vitamin C deficiency disease scurvy. Building on a discovery made by Dr. Matthias Rath in the early 1990s, this publication deals a major blow to the cholesterol theory of heart disease and the pharmaceutical industry’s associated $30 billion annual sales in patented cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.

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Study Authors
John Cha, Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, Matthias Rath

Dr. Rath Health Foundation
The primary goal of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation is to establish a New Global Health Care System that can be implemented simply and economically in any country, at the local level and right up to the level of national public health policy. Based on scientific breakthroughs in the areas of vitamin research and cellular health, it is already possible that cardiovascular disease, cancer, AIDS and other common diseases will be largely unknown in future generations if this New Global Health Care System is implemented now.
Dr. Rath Health Foundation

Rob M.M. Greuter
29 september 2015


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